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Niranjan Deodhar speaks at ‘Outside-In Innovation’

Stone & Chalk, Sydney's leading Fintech hub and HSBC Australia recently held a conference called "Outside-In Innovation: How to Work with Start-ups". This session focused on how large enterprises partner successfully with start-ups and thereby benefit from faster,...

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UK: The property market nervously awaits!

As we enter the final month leading up to the UK General Election the mortgage market is more competitive than ever and lenders are battling it out to attract business. Pre-election past trends indicate a direct correlation between a forthcoming General Election and a...

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Open Orbit featured in Startup Daily

iAwards Startup of the Year winner Open Orbit helps global corporates improve business processes and efficiency A criticism often levelled at corporates by startups is that they are slow to change and adapt in the face of challenges. Still, in their own way corporates...

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Improving Process Improvement – Part 2 of 2

We started this series exploring success metrics of a process improvement function which takes its own medicine, and then developed some work practices that drive effectiveness metrics. In this blog, we look at practices that drive efficiency. Following blogs will...

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Improving Process Improvement – Part 1 of 2

Work practices that drive better, faster, cheaper projects In the opening blog of this series we had explored what a Process Improvement (PI) function would look like if it could apply its principles of reducing waste and variation to its own way of working. We...

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