Open Orbit Support

Open Orbit has an intuitive and self-evident user interface. A short video course will provide all the information you need to get the most from your time in orbit. Click on the button below to go to the course.

The links below can further aid your journey on Open Orbit

Workbench Overview

Open Orbit’s active workbench reduces effort , time and releases capacity for project and operations teams and coaches. It helps the project team to focus on the metrics, root causes and solutions that matter. It reduces time to insight generation, builds a stronger case for change and makes the changes sustainable by engaging the stakeholder group in the process of insight generation.

Knowledge Bank (WIKI) Overview

The live knowledge base puts at your fingertips an open encyclopedia of insights, best practices, diagnostic aids and collaboration opportunities. What’s more, it pro-actively prompts you to the knowledge content which is of most relevance to the project context using a unique, patent pending algorithm – Mentored Thinking.

Let us show you how Open Orbit can really crank up every dimension of your transformation project.

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