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Six Sigma | Open Orbit SaaS platform for improving process improvement

Six Sigma SaaS platform, Open Orbit, re-engineers the way Process Improvement (PI) is delivered, taking the enterprise to PI 2.0. It dramatically increases the effectiveness and efficiency of investments in process improvement. Open Orbit turns up the knob on all the dimensions of a transformation project by applying Lean Six Sigma to project definition, process modelling, measurement, root cause analysis, solution hypothesis and benefits tracking. It provides an active Diagnostic Workbench that reduces the effort and time required to get results, a live and context-sensitive Open Knowledge Base of insights and best practices, and a connected Community Forum to drive sustained benefits and engagement. It is the thinking place of choice that practitioner can turn to, so it naturally becomes the system of record for improvement projects. It enables Agile and Anytime governance at a project as well as process levels, accessible organisational memory and standardisation of approach – without having to mandate usage from the top. Instead of depending on adoption driven from the top, it entices the Lean Six Sigma practitioner directly by making their job easier and time more effective.

Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation; Open Orbit drives down variation in project outcomes by enabling standardisation of approach and re-use of learnings and insights. The live Open Knowledge Base provides an open encyclopaedia of insights, best practices, diagnostic aids and collaboration opportunities at the user’s fingertips. What’s more, it proactively prompts you to the content most relevant to your project’s context using a unique patent-pending algorithm – Mentored Thinking. This match-making algorithm determines relevance based on project data in the active Diagnostic Workbench, and selectively suggests resources from the Open Knowledge Base and Community Forum that would be most helpful at that stage in the practitioner’s thinking process. The Community Forum enables collaboration from across the table or across the globe; it provides access to remote expertise and support; it encourages both a private and public exchange of ideas; it leverages the expertise of Lean Six Sigma experts; and it speeds up the learning curve for new Lean Six Sigma talent.

Lean focuses on reducing waste; Open Orbit’s active Diagnostic Workbench reduces wasted effort on a part of the project team. It releases capacity for project teams, operations teams and coaches by helping project teams to focus on the metrics, root causes and solutions that matter. It reduces time-to-insight generation, builds a stronger case for change and makes change sustainable by engaging the stakeholder group in the process of insight generation. By standardising the diagnostic process, the Diagnostic Workbench provides accessible and reusable corporate memory; it improves how people collaborate and replicate success. The metrics data model in the Diagnostic Workbench becomes the ideal place to track benefits realisation, thus establishing a strong and on-going link with the business case.

Open Orbit is both a methodology and a software tool. Being a fully cloud-hosted solution, it costs nothing to install, whist being simple and intuitive enough to be used without training.

For enterprises, Open Orbit dramatically increases the return on investment for Process Improvement. For process management and consultancy providers, Open Orbit creates an opportunity for new revenue streams arising from the globalised delivery of Lean Six Sigma analysis and advice.

Lift off today, to Open Orbit.

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Eliminating variation between projects

Eliminating variation between projects
Eliminating variation between projects

Let us show you how Open Orbit can really crank up every dimension of your transformation project.

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