Do your tools challenge the way you think about a problem? 

Albert Einstein once said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It’s like trying to solve complex processes by drawing complex process maps. A tool that is incapable of challenging the way you think about a problem is just creating confirmation bias and reframing that same problem as a solution.  

The same can be said about specialist tooling, a lot of investment has gone into making the expert process analyst work better, as opposed to building up the skill more broadly in the business. Open Orbit enables these business experts to understand the key concepts deployed by improvement experts to diagnose processes. It does so by empowering those closest to the problem to look at it through the lens and guide rails of the platform, enabling them to start developing insightful and effective improvements.  

Further to this, organisations that are making traditional tooling investments generally find that the tools command extensive time and effort commitments from users, creating unnecessary strains on capacity. Open Orbit’s platform is designed so that the onboarding and training requirements are kept to a minimum, and the time and effort involved in developing valuable insights on the platform itself are only a matter of a few hours of work.  

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