Improve your regulatory compliance processes and systems to get ahead of the Royal Commission recommendations and findings

Instead of improvement experts having to learn about the business before they can advise, business users can access automated expertise themselves, flipping the model of advisory expertise on its head.

Open Orbit helps to drive business process improvement through empowering employees within an organisation to improve their regulatory compliance systems and processes. Our service offering has become more relevant due to Commissioner Hayne’s release of the Royal Commission Interim Report into the Banking, Superannuation and Financial services in which he stated:

“Conduct cannot be explained as ‘a few bad apples’. That characterisation serves to contain allegations of misconduct and distance the entity from responsibility…”

“It ignores the root causes of conduct, which often lie with the systems, processes and culture cultivated by an entity.

 – (Interim Royal Commission Report, Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, p. 87).

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    Algorithms are transforming everything we do, including transformation itself…as a Lean Six Sigma practitioners, we asked “how can we disrupt ourselves, how can we take our own medicine and make the transformation process itself better, cheaper, faster?” That is what led to the formation of Open Orbit – algorithmic technology that applies the principles of waste and variation reduction to enable faster process change.

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