Helping or hindering? Management consultants and business process transformation

In this blog, we examine how management consultant-led projects are being challenged by algorithm-based platforms like Open Orbit and ask if these software platforms are at the early stages of making the management consultant business model redundant.

Challenging the speed and scale of transformation services

In the last century, consultants were prized for their expertise and paid for their time. Consultants helped companies improve their business processes, increase their internal capacity by driving better internal efficiencies, reduce operating risks for legacy system replacements and more recently are helping companies identify business processes ready for automation. However, digital advances, especially in artificial intelligence, are achieving these results faster and at a fraction of the time and cost compared to the traditional consulting model.

Today, most consulting firms remain partially or wholly dependent on relatively manual effort relying on PowerPoint, Excel and Word to communicate their message.

Incentives for consultancies therefore take longer and not increase efficiencies for themselves as charges are billed for time and effort to the client meaning that projects inevitably run over and budgets get overblown. All this makes the high fees consultants charge difficult to justify.

Helping or hindering? Management consultants and business process transformation / Open Orbit

The AI alternative

Compared to these older business models for driving transformational change algorithmic guided diagnostic platforms like Open Orbit, take advantage of enabling the business or operational users to solve their own problems by using a platform and guided methodology to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Performing best outcome strategy functions

Open Orbit applies algorithmic guidance for business users to rapidly diagnose their business processes and track the implementation of suggested solutions. The technology empowers business operational users to analyse the most relevant metrics, causes and solutions across their business processes regardless of industry or function.

Better still, because these metrics, root causes and solutions are best understood by the front-end employees in a business the analysis and solutions suggested by them are more readily accepted by management meaning that consultants and their expertise becomes increasingly redundant.

The best way to understand how Open Orbit provides an alternative to management consultancies is to read our case studies here.

Also, if of interest you can arrange a demo our software that mimics a consultant here.

Helping or hindering? Management consultants and business process transformation / Open Orbit