How Open Orbit Increases Visibility Over Organisational Issues

You may be familiar with the ‘Iceberg of Ignorance’ – in essence, those closer to the daily operations of a process know what day-to-day issues generally arise. However, as one looks further up the hierarchical structure of an organisation, the problems known to managers and executives tend to be filtered out. This has its roots in organisational culture and the tendency to avoid confronting challenges might expose our own limitations.

Open Orbit addresses this by focusing on empowering employees – placing algorithmic technology in their hands. This enables faster insight and guides users to the correct course of action. From here, employees present back to managers with a greater sense of ownership, empowerment, and most importantly, a changed mindset, improving how the culture embraces change. We’ve listed some of the key features of the platform that facilitate problem visibility below.

Project Outline and Standardised Framework – Ground your employees thinking on what the problem statement is, the scope of the project, and expected project benefits and business case.

Lean Six Sigma into Common Sense – Empower your employees to self-serve their way to simplified operations. The platform enables users to identify the most relevant metrics, causes, and solutions across their business projects and track suggested solutions through to implementation.

Machine Learning Recommendations Engine – Confidently stand by the recommendations your employees make, knowing that they are closest to the problem. Open Orbits algorithmic technology continually learns from industry standards, best practices, and common themes amongst those solving problems on the platform.  This machine learning effectively guides and prompts users to shine the torch on all problems in the process, leading to faster and more cost-effective insight.

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