Open Orbit DaaS Framework: Why is this useful?

In some situations, it may not be immediately feasible to take on the change and adoption challenges of getting users to adopt new software. And yet process problems continue to impact the business, and the need for lower cost, shorter duration process improvement continues unabated.

We can assist in solving such challenges through a new engagement model – a bundled offer of consulting services based on using our software to rapidly diagnose and provide recommendations.

How does DaaS work?

Our process experts will work closely with subject matter experts in your teams, or owners of the process problem, and use Open Orbit while interacting with them and asking questions. Within a few hours of work (spread over a few days of elapsed time), we can provide insightful analysis and recommendations that either your process owners or our experts can present to your management for consideration and implementation.

An optional extra – We can also provide on-going enablement, if so required, on articulating the case for change and tracking the implementation of the process changes through to completion and benefits realisation.

Outcomes and benefits


The output of such engagements is similar to that of a consulting assignment, but analysis and deliverables are produced on the tool, therefore produced better, cheaper and faster.


In addition, the artefacts produces are automatically added to your repository of re-usable insights, accessible to you and your teams on enterprise-class secure cloud infrastructure.


You will be able to solve immediate problems worth solving, and yet defer the challenge of driving software adoption and change.


In many cases, we have found, client staff typically look back after the fact and say something like “that wasn’t too hard, I can do that myself next time”. This means apart from solving a pressing problem, you are preparing the organisation to accept a new way of working in due course which is significantly more efficient.

We believe this method can provide immediate relief from ineffective processes while avoiding the challenges associated with staff having to adopt new software.

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