Open Orbit User Types

Power User
This plan provides full access Open Orbit workbench for Project Creation, Mentored Thinking and the ability to allow others to access your projects through the permissions mechanism.

Recommended for current or prospective practitioners of process improvement; usually but not necessarily in full time change agent roles. It also comes with FREE access to Open Orbit Knowledgebase and Forum for asking questions, getting expert advice and collaboration.

Super User
This plan provides all Power User features plus the ability to build custom extensions to the recommendations algorithm.

Recommended plan for advanced practitioners within enterprises who need to create custom add-ons – metrics, causes and solutions over and above being a Power User of the workbench

Governance User
This plan provides access to Projects created by others, depending on Teams and Roles set by the administrator on your account.

Recommended plan for those with governance accountability across a range of improvement programs and projects; Typically PMO, Line Management and Quality Management

Admin User
Recommended plan for administrators of Open Orbit deployment in enterprises; Enables control over teams, roles and project permissions within the Account.

Upon selecting this option, you should also contact your Open Orbit rep to discuss alignment and authorisation for nominated accounts.

Let us show you how Open Orbit can really crank up every dimension of your transformation project.

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