Project Management & Governance

Project Administration

Project Outline & Checklist
This section outlines your project. It provides the ability to track project stages, status, dates, actions and notes. Define a methodology and enter start and end dates for the project as well as for specific stages and activities.. You can set up your Business Case, Problem Statement , Goals , Scope and also enter key updates and stakeholder feedback can be logged here itself. Project Checklists depend on the stage and are customizable. The checklist templates can be uploaded upon completion.

Project Checklists

Stage Tracking (Within Project)
The Stage Tracking report helps users track start and end dates by each stage of their project. It can be useful for self-reporting and tracking compliance to schedule.

Solution Roadmap
This report gives an overview of all the relevant metrics, causes and solutions selected for the particular project. The user can prioritize the solution and plan ahead. One can revisit this report to track the solution stage and its status, It is recommended to use this report during the Solution Hypothesis as well as Prioritization and Benefits Case phases.

Permissions & Roles
This allows you to add permissions to your project, which enables others, signed up users to edit / modify your project at the same time. Assign project roles will allow to assign roles to your team members.

RPA Calculator

This feature which has been recently introduced in the tool is particularly helpful in conducting RPA study for a process. It helps in narrowing scope and drilling RPA opportunities at a step level. It gives you a a detailed view of efforts expended at step level after completing metrics data in the Diagnostics Map. This report is customizable wherein additional dimensions can be added to the report.

Workflow Management

This feature enables the user to customize and set up account specific toll gate review mechanism and submit project for toll gate approvals. The approver gets auto notified and approves/rejects on the tool without having to login/access to another platform.

Custom Reports

The users have the choice build account specific customized reports like project summary / project charters and generate them at one click.


Online dashboards in built in the tool aids in reporting progress for projects for which data has been entered at the relevant points at any stage of the project. The reports can also be extracted.

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