Realigning capabilities through automation

A break or failure in your supply chain could have catastrophic consequences for your customers as well as your organisation.  Ensuring you can respond rapidly to realign capabilities and fix the problem is vital for keeping clients and improving business efficiencies. This month’s blog looks at how Open Orbit helps organisations realign their capabilities to improve outcomes for all parties.

Automation across multiple products, systems and locations

Realigning capabilities to find and fix any weaknesses across an organisation’s processes, requires an automated systems analysis that includes rapidly implementable solutions. Open Orbit’s recently helped a large financial organisation achieve a quick turn-around in identifying which of it’s payment processes were viable for automation and capability realignment across multiple products, operating systems, teams, and geographical locations.

Realigning capabilities through automation / Open Orbit

The simplicity of Open Orbit’s platform made it fast and easy for users within the organisation to diagnose their particular process, identify inconsistencies and double-ups, and implement effective capability realignment.

The client was pleased to avoid over-engineering the analysis – something that often hampers realignment processes. They also applied the efforts estimator to calculate capacity requirements for each step, immediately gauging the cost benefits of all options enabling the team to rapidly make informed decisions.

Ease of scalability

After the analysis was completed, the client decided to broaden the scope to include: invoices, document QA reviews and the waiver of premium processes. These capability adjustments were just as seamless to analyse.

To find out more about how Open Orbit facilitates fast and effective capability realignment through automation, read the full case study here.

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Realigning capabilities through automation / Open Orbit