Integrating remote problem solving for long-term improvements

For many students, 2020 saw their attitude to home learning switch from a panicked ‘no way’ to a confident ‘hey, this can actually work very well’. And if school kids can successfully adapt to remote learning, then so can businesses with serious process problems to solve.

Many businesses have now found there’s no need to herd everyone into a conference room to brainstorm issues and draw process maps. With the right technology, any staff member can diagnostically map in-depth, access interpretations remotely and collaborate on implementing solutions.

Remote x-rays that reveal the root-cause of a problem

Open Orbit Founder and Director Niranjan Deodhar likens it to being able to take an x-ray of business processes from anywhere and at any time. “Once you’ve got a top-quality x-ray, you need a radiologist to accurately interpret and explain what your next steps should be.” He explains that it’s the same with business process diagnostics. “The Open Orbit platform provides your teams with a way to build a diagnostic x-ray and our experts can help them interpret what it reveals and the actions that could improve your business outcomes most cost effectively. Over time we can also train up selected users to interpret independently.”

Open Orbit’s unique algorithm pushes business users to ‘shine the light in all corners’. By mapping causes and obstacles/challenges, unique algorithms quickly identify the root cause of a problem and how to solve it.

Remote learning isn’t just for students. Businesses are getting on board with remote diagnostics of processes. / Open Orbit

Fixing billing function problems in a matter of weeks

Open Orbit was recently tasked with helping an Australian water authority identify process blocks and solutions in a billing function that resulted in a 10 per cent increase in revenue for that financial year for that particular service offering.

Since the Open Orbit platform allows for remote and live collaboration between members of the same project as well as collaboration between project teams, it was the perfect partner for the utility service. Staff could work on their projects in their own time, either independently or together. And with as little as two hours per week, they were able to recommend and implement solutions in weeks, rather than months.

You can read the full case study here.

And as always, if the team can be of assistance, including arranging a demo, please feel free to reach out to us here.

Remote learning isn’t just for students. Businesses are getting on board with remote diagnostics of processes. / Open Orbit

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