Targeted Business Benefits Through Process Harmonisation

As organisations grow, efficiencies are often lost through the gradual accumulation of templates and process that duplicate similar tasks in different areas of the business.

This inefficient complexity and lack of harmonisation can waste time and money throughout your business, raise operating risk, dilute your customer experience and brand values and inhibit your ability to innovate and respond quickly.

Based on Lean Six Sigma, Open Orbit’s diagnostic software provides an easily implemented pathway to rapidly and effectively harmonise and transform. It’s intuitive enough for your people to use themselves or work with Open orbit’s experts for greater insights.

Rapid and targeted ways to harmonise your processes

Open Orbit applies a powerful combination of algorithm learnings to help users analyse their processes, pinpoint the areas that need fixing and the most effective solutions. It’s a system that can be used by your people to implement business-changing transformations in everything from international end-to-end processes to drilling down into particular areas and even an individual’s process environment.

Open Orbit founder Niranjan Deodhar likens it to swapping out your old school street directory for a GPS system. “The speed and accuracy of our algorithms enables businesses to continuously monitor and perfect their processes by spotting areas that can efficiently be harmonised and suggesting how to cost-effectively implement changes.”

Niranjan explains that “the problem with traditional process maps is that they remain a tool for the technical expert only. They don’t convey what’s wrong or what can be done about an issue. In fact, they often make the process look more complex than it already is.” He adds that Open Orbit allows you to replace these maps with a single ‘happy-path’ analysis that provides clarity. “We help the user tell the story of what happens when your processes go right, what gets in their way and crucially, what to do about it.”

The strengths of this simplified mapping go beyond its increased speed, accuracy and solution focus. Open Orbit can be applied and understood by business experts throughout your organisation.

Targeted Business Benefits Through Process Harmonisation / Open Orbit

Seeing the big picture – analysing inside and outside your systems

Niranjan explains that a real and unique strength of the Open Orbit process is that “it enables productivity analysis anchored on the end-to-end view across systems as well as outside them.” He adds that this is how it can so accurately pinpoint the areas ripe for harmonisation and recommend realistic solutions with measurable benefits.

By speeding up traditional transformation by 5 to 10 times, Open Orbit

enables the continuous implementation of operating efficiencies including harmonisation. It also lowers your operational risk by identifying areas where multi- tasking and cross-training can best be implemented, and sets your systems up for subsequent steps like automation, digitization or centralization at a fraction of their normal cost and risk.

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Targeted Business Benefits Through Process Harmonisation / Open Orbit