Transparency and efficiency in data lineage and data quality

Transparency in your data linage is crucial to ensuring your data quality matches the tasks you need it to perform. When you can see your entire data life cycle – its origins, destinations and every transformation that is applied as it flows through different processes – it becomes one of the most critical pieces of information for the success of your business.

Very often, a data governance program will show immediate value when an understanding of data lineage is presented to an organisation’s risk management team.

With data linage and traceability in place, you are assembling the type of material that regulators request and insist in ever greater detail. To comply, a business needs to address data governance, quality data and data lineage in a manner that tracks where all data starts, goes, is changed and used, and by who.

Transparency and efficiency in data lineage and data quality / Open Orbit

The role of data lineage in ensuring compliance, managing risk and driving efficiency

Data lineage is related to both your data chain and the information life cycle. It is typically used to uncover the data’s origin and every change it has undergone since then. That change can take place within one system or between multiple systems.

To understand those changes, you need a transparent view of the data chain, the rules that have been applied as it passes through systems and is adopted for different uses, any manual interventions, and how they have changed the original data.

This type of knowledge can also help pinpoint where processes could be improved.

Partnering with the data linage experts

Open Orbit enables process experts and business users alike to establish and understand how data flow interacts with process flow. It complements your data dictionary and the work of your data architects by creating a common understanding of where critical data elements affect business processes and vice versa. Managing data linage across multiple processes and systems is also a key driver of operational risk reduction and regulatory compliance. Better still, the Open Orbit platform enables you to do all this at a fraction of the effort and cost of traditional methods.

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Transparency and efficiency in data lineage and data quality / Open Orbit