What can businesses learn from vaccination prioritisation

Ok so now we need to get the vaccines to the right people in the right order. The media portrays these supply chain processes as nothing more than a scramble, but I think there’s much to learn. Groups that are prioritised are on the basis of health risk, for example, the same can be said about prioritising processes that are in need of improvement. Much like the vaccination release plan, business processes need a plan of attack against inefficiencies and process health risks. It’s much more difficult to create a plan of attack without first analysing where you are most vulnerable. By developing an understanding of where your business is hurting most, you can prioritise which processes get administered the “vaccine” first for quick win solutions.

A case study in how automation can drive efficiencies across business processes

Open Orbit was tasked by large Australian and New Zealand financial and insurance firm to ensure quick identification of the best areas for process automation across multiple products and markets.

The case study explains how our algorithmic guidance allowed the business to dramatically speed up their problem-solving, standardisation and scalability.

By applying Open Orbit’s diagnostic maps, 2 to 3 processes were analysed each week and previously unknown interdependencies and duplicated steps were identified. The team then helped with process standardisation across multiple products and platforms and provided a framework for any future automation the business might need.

Helping or hindering? Management consultants and business process transformation / Open Orbit

Measurable automation efficiencies

Applying Open Orbit tools resulted in a significant reduction in cost and time-to-value across multiple products, departments and markets for this complex company.

To find out how Open Orbit facilitated effective business efficiencies through rapid and effective automation discovery, read the full case study here.

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What can businesses learn from vaccination prioritisation / Open Orbit