An integrated, fully hosted platform for the process and performance improvement community and their clients. Open Orbit drives faster Process Improvement (PI), sharper insights, stronger cases for change, lower project costs and more sustainable change. In short, it is PI 2.0 as it applies the principles of PI to the process of PI itself.

The Diagnostic Workbench

Reduce effort and time and maximize your team’s capacity. The Diagnostic Workbench helps project management teams, operations teams, and coaches to focus on pivotal metrics, root causes, and solutions.

Open Knowledge Base

An open encyclopedia of context-sensitive insights, best practices, diagnostic aids and collaboration opportunities. The Open Knowledge Base is built using Wiki technology and is open to contribution from users.

Community Forum

Enables collaboration across the boardroom table or across the globe. The Community Forum provides access to remote expertise and support and encourages a private and public exchange of ideas.

Ease of deployment

Open Orbit is an integrated, end-to-end cloud-hosted solution. We believe that our clients’ data and confidentiality is paramount; our state-of-the-art security infrastructure ensures your data is safe with us.

Support & Tutorials

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Open Orbit Introduction

Let us show you how Open Orbit can really crank up every dimension of your transformation project. It provides you with a Diagnostic Workbench to help you achieve maximum results using less effort and time; a live and context-sensitive Open Knowledge Base of insights and best practices; and a connected Community Forum to drive sustained benefits and engagement.


Workbench Overview

This overview explains Open Orbit’s Diagnostic Workbench and how it can help your project teams, operations teams and coaches to achieve results efficiently. Focusing on metrics, root causes and solutions that matter, it reduces time-to-insight generation, builds stronger cases for change and supports change sustainability by engaging stakeholders in the process of insight generation.

Open Orbit - Wiki

Knowledge Base Overview

The live knowledge base puts at your fingertips an open encyclopaedia of insights, best practices, diagnostic aids and collaboration opportunities. What’s more, it pro-actively prompts you to the knowledge content which is of most relevance to the project context using a unique, patent pending algorithm – Mentored Thinking.