Open Orbit’s alliance program creates unique value for our customers by combining our technology with deployment services from our alliance partners across global markets. Our partners work with customers to ensure successful trials and deployments. They provide process improvement, program management, change management and capability development expertise. This can be leveraged by customers if need be to augment their own efforts in driving adoption of new technology in their organisations.

Meet our Partners

Human Capital in the cloud. 6prog is a revolutionary way to freelance and engage your freelancers. Speed up processing time in contract recruitment – agreements, on-boarding and timesheets are lightning quick. Free sign up. Available UK, US and Singapore. More locations soon.

Vertex Technologies is an Australian Cyber Security company focused on providing the protection businesses need against hackers, cyber attacks and data breaches. Vertex Technologies created ShellProtect, a unique cloud based platform that it is able to provide the number 1 protection, that is not provided by other products and recommended by NSA, FBI and ASD. Furthermore Vertex Technologies provides the services to cover the other aspects of Cyber Security such as Security Audit, Penetration Testing, Incident Response and Incident Investigation. Through Vertex Technologies, a business can reduce their cyber risk more than 70%

Exandor is a niche company in the Business Process Management (BPM) space. It follows an industry-standard process reference framework to deliver value to medium and large organisations. Exandor focuses on three key process areas – process modelling, process analysis, and process implementation. It works with the most up-to-date information as well as partner with latest process management technologies in these areas. The resultant process knowledge and collaboration empowers organisations to streamline, de-risk and innovate their business strategy and operations.

eConsultants are dedicated to providing professional and staffing services in the areas of Oracle, Java, Interwoven, Microsoft and Sales Force. They also provide consulting services in the Engineering Domain, utilizing their expertise to develop cutting-edge technologies applications and also provide critical resources to work on projects. Moreover, eConsultants help their clients with their business development and expansion exercises by providing quick and customized end-to-end solutions for clients.

Let us show you how Open Orbit can really crank up every dimension of your transformation project.

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