Technology combined with human expertise for process design and improvement.


Translate strategic goals into Operational Excellence


Strip out non-value-adding activities


Deliver consistent experience to customers and staff


Situate your KPIs in the flow of service delivery


Streamline processes before automating them


Deploy process knowledge in mobile-friendly mode


Build Lean and improvement muscle in your teams

Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking made simple.

A GPS algorithm for solving business process problems

Our Services

Diagnostic Platform (Saas)

Design and improve your processes with a DIY tool

Design Workbench, Mind-maps for symptom-cause-remedy diagnostics, mentored thinking services to complement technology platform.

Suitable for operations teams, improvement teams, business analysts, business consultants

Advisory & Consulting

We redesign your processes for speed and impact

Assist CEOs, Heads of Divisions & Operations with independent advice on how to improve service systems, increase CX and EX and manage operational risks

Prcess Wallet (Saas)

Organise your end-to-end processes and SOPs for easy reference

Your procedures, reference material, guides, templates, checklists – stacked and organized within an optimized process, all in one place. Suitable for employees at all levels

Training & Skilling

Enhance your process design, improvement, and Lean capabilities

Suitable for transformation teams, operations teams, improvement teams, business analysts, business consultants