We help organisations boost their business performance through practical improvement strategies.

We build a clear picture of how all aspects of your business come together to create value, uncover hidden inefficiencies, and reveal untapped opportunities.

We serve clients from government, not for profits and corporates.

Our Services

Advisory & Consulting

We assist CEOs, Heads of Divisions & Team Leaders to solve their business challenges and improve their customer and business outcomes.

Our experience spans strategy, business planning and budgeting, and operations design and management.

Our expertise is founded on Lean principles, Human-Centered Design thinking, meticulous data analysis, process engineering, and insightful performance measurement.

We have synthesised these into a cohesive Open Orbit approach where Clever meets Simple.

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Clients engage us for advice on:

  • Translating strategic goals into Operational Excellence
  • Stripping out non-value-adding activities
  • Delivering consistent experience to customers and staff
  • Situating KPIs in the flow of service delivery
  • Streamlining business processes
  • Assessing automation readiness
  • Building Lean and continuous improvement muscle in their teams

Software as a Service

The Open Orbit platform provides a DIY tool to define and optimize your processes.

It makes Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking accessible through an easy to use platform where Clever meets Simple.

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