Case Studies

Disability & Community Service

Streamline and strengthen operations while pursuing growth.

Recommend opportunities to improve operations for sustainable growth.

Adoption and Guardianship

Review child adoption and guardianship processes to improve experience for children in state care, their carers and their families

The review was required to focus on improving carer experience and child outcomes.

Water Utility

Improve critical asset maintenance and planning and forecasting for greater capability

Defined process pain points and identified solutions. Actions to implement solution were coordinated across four different business areas

Water Utility

Standardise and streamline services and service billing

Improvements like internal process changes and billing standardisation resulted in increased cashflow and reduced leakage of unbilled staff

Global Bank

Automation of corporate billing to improved customer experience and efficiency outcomes

Identified improvements to reduce teams working on process by 60% and identify errors leading to 40% of corporate billing requiring refunds

Global Bank

Reduce operating risks in IT legacy system replacement

Fast tracking process diagnostics for technology change

American Bank

Release or realign capacity to meet cost targets

Reduced costs through identifying capacity release in existing workforce

Global Bank

Increased efficiencies across customer onboarding process

Increased efficiencies across customer onboarding process – reduced timelines for  analysis by 70%


Utilising employees intrinsic knowledge to drive faster change

Lifting the velocity on process improvement by empowering staff to identify and implement their own improvements

Global Bank

Doubled the client’s mortgage processing capacity

Analysis and identification of solutions achieved in 75% less time


Customers with life insurance products

Driving timelines thereby improving customer retention


How automation could help drive efficiencies across business process

Multiple processes were able to be mapped per week