Automation of corporate billing to improved customer experience and efficiency outcomes

The client wanted to increase efficiency in their corporate billing processes by removing mistakes, rework, double handling of documentation and duplicate data entry. There was an urgent need to reduce these errors, reduce incidence of refunds resulting from such errors, and improve customer experience.

At a glance

The Client

The client is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. With more than 39 million customers through four global businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, and Global Private Banking. The client’s network covers 66 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.


Banking – Corporate billing

Business need

Improve efficiency and timeliness in billing operations to improve the customer experience.


Due to capacity constraints the client utilised Open Orbit quasi-consultants to identify solutions for improving the corporate billing process. Open Orbit practitioners utilising Open Orbit’s “Software that mimics a consultant” platform identified automation opportunities that would improve efficiencies in operations. Changes identified helped in releasing capacity in internal teams to conduct more client value adding tasks, reduce incidence of refunds and improve customer experience.


Duplication of information required by multiple teams across the organisation from two different departments with multiple variations of the process.

How we helped

SMEs and operational line of business employees guided by Open Orbit consultants and the platform quickly identified the relevant quantitative and qualitative data to reveal the extent of the business problem and potential benefits to be realised.

Users, with guidance from Open Orbit consultants, mapped out the existing method of billing for corporate clients utilising the “happy path of hand-offs method”. This helped focus attention on the differences across different teams and how they interacted across the process.

Analysis on Open Orbit enabled the client’s sponsor to quickly change the business outcomes expected from the analysis from decreasing revenue leakage to improved timeliness and customer experience outcomes.
Automation features allowed for a quick identification of cost savings to the business.

Open Orbit quasi-consultants, prompted by the platform, were able to quickly identify changes that would reduce rework in documentation and data entry, and provide capacity for employees to provide more value-adding outcomes for their corporate clients.

Using Open Orbit simplified the communication and articulation of the problem and the solution to a diverse range of stakeholders. This was of immense benefit in ensuring that barriers to change were broken down, and the changes were well understood and accepted by the business.

The recommended solution of automating the billing process was accepted by the business and the automation work will be rolled out across Asia-Pacific where the bank has a major presence. This has resulted in scaling the benefits across the bank.

Business Impact Delivered

Increased efficiencies

60% decrease in the number of teams involved for corporate billing from five teams to two.


Time Saved

Eliminating unnecessary rework and duplication of effort across the teams involved.

Customer experience outcomes

Identification and elimination of errors that were leading to 40% of bills requiring refunds.