UK: The property market nervously awaits!

The UK General Election The Property Market Nervously Awaits

As we enter the final month leading up to the UK General Election the mortgage market is more competitive than ever and lenders are battling it out to attract business.

Pre-election past trends indicate a direct correlation between a forthcoming General Election and a downturn in lending activity. However with the home-buying season upon us, the mortgage market is positive, buoyant and more competitive than ever.

With competition high, how will the UK’s largest banks and mortgage lenders respond to the increase in mortgage applications? How will they consistently deliver good customer service and handle the increase in volume without increasing operating costs in the same proportion?

What if the process could place the lender directly “on the customer’s side” in half the time?

Global banks are just one sector that need to attract and quickly convert customer applications. They require a solution that is able to drive both the customer experience and volume, all the while optimising the conversion cost.

Staying focussed on the core principles of good process in a clever yet simple way is key to this and a solution is algorithmic software technology.

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