Did you get the toilet paper?



No, seriously, how fast did you adapt?

And how fast did your business adapt?






So you and your teams are now working from home….

  • The laptops are slow on the VPN but you can get by; video meetings are not that bad after all
  • Maybe some semblance of routine is emerging on how to manage the kids, the parents, or the groceries
  • Hopefully you have done the round of ‘are you ok’ exchanges with loved ones around the world, and the news is ok
  • Even toilet paper is available again

But what about the business you work in?

  • Are the processes coping? Are things taking longer and needing more effort?
  • Are teams reduced to just getting by, and somehow keeping on top of the day-to-day workload?
  • Are you accumulating a backlog of ‘important but not critical’ things that will only get done when all this is over?
  • With this combination of physical isolation and transactional overwork, how will staff engagement and cohesion hold up?

These questions might have seemed distant during the first wave of change focused on just getting set up to work remotely. But now they may hold you back from serving your customers, and also create dissonance for staff.

To help, Open Orbit is providing a “Rapid Reconfiguration” service. This is built using our diagnostic software and is supported with consulting services to deliver reconfigured business processes in 2-3 weeks. Our service is designed to be delivered with the lowest possible intrusion of your time, at a fraction of the effort and cost, and while all participants are working from home. It will create immediate capacity relief, and set up your team to engage better because they will start to solve problems together.

With no sure answer as to how long we may be working from home, most of our key partners and clients have come to realise this may be the new norm for 3, 6 months or even longer. It’s imperative to rapidly invest in some key processes to make sure that the business, staff, and clients have the resilience needed in these tough times.

To find out more, visit openorbit.net or drop me a line on niranjan.deodhar@openorbit.netor on LinkedIn.

Niranjan Deodhar