Melissa Pinfold speaks at the Shared Services Outsourcing Week on how to empower business teams to drive business improvements through software that mimics a consultant

Melissa Pinfold, head of process excellence at AMP Life presented at the SSOW conference in Melbourne yesterday. In this fireside chat with our founder Niranjan Deodhar, Melissa detailed how Open Orbit’s – ‘software that mimics a consultant’ has increased the speed of transformational change and driven collaboration across the quality and capability team in AMP’s Life Insurance business.

The team conducted an onboarding session with Open Orbit practitioners at the beginning of the engagement which lasted a couple of hours. The intuitiveness and ease of use of the tool was evident. Melissa said, “within 10 – 15 minutes the team members were asking questions around their individual processes rather than on the features of the tool.”

Users felt empowered and part of the solution. With the ‘happy path of hand offs’ construct, they were able to relate to their day-to-day process much better than the traditionally complex process map would have allowed. The algorithm proactively guided them to identify the right metrics to measure and the right places to look for trouble. Solutions to these problems were then identified and implemented.

Using Open Orbit has increased governance and visibility so that management can see the status of projects in real time. Melissa: “I urgently needed to understand how an individual project was going, with the team member on leave, I was able to log onto Open Orbit and have a detailed understanding of where we were at without having to wait till the next day.”

On the question of where to from here, Melissa stated: “I want to move this onto the operations front line users, with the capability and quality team as mentors for them.” Melissa continues to think of innovative ways to utilise the platform including to inform other technology deployment projects.

With current projects moving towards implementation within weeks, the Open Orbit journey continues to fulfill the promise of better, cheaper, faster transformation.