Stone & Chalk start-up, Open Orbit, wins both Technology and Software categories at The Australian Business Awards

Sydney, 3 August 2018: Stone & Chalk start-up, Open Orbit, has today been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in both the Technology and the Software categories at The Australian Business Awards 2018.

Winning across both categories highlights the uniqueness and sophistication of Open Orbit’s digital Expertise Automation platform, which is one of the first globally to use artificial intelligence techniques in the automation of complex expertise, such as problem-solving, as opposed to simple processes.

Niranjan Deodhar, Founder of Open Orbit said: “We are delighted to have been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for both the Technology and Software categories in The Australian Business Awards.

“For a long time, advancements in automation have been almost exclusively applied to manual processes, such as the digitisation of paperwork, or the elimination of human involvement in repetitive or simple tasks. We wanted to take this a step further, and find a way to create efficiencies in the application of complex expertise, as we realised that this area that has so far been largely neglected.

“Applying artificial intelligence to the process of problem formulation and solution-building creates a clear benefit for users: superior outcomes on complex projects that are delivered up to 50 per cent faster and cheaper.

“As the world increasingly requires knowledge workers to adapt to the rapidly changing and digitising world of work, the need for this type of technology solution will also quickly rise,” concluded Deodhar.

The value of the Open Orbit platform is particularly high where complex problem solving occurs on a regular basis, such as in professional services like analytics, medicine, accounting, architecture, and law.

In approaching problems, Open Orbit’s unique Mentored Thinking algorithm first guides users through a standardised way of formulating a problem statement. The algorithm then recommends which symptoms to check, which possible causes to investigate, and which remedies to implement.

Visualisation tools, such as diagnostic maps and performance reports, are also designed specifically to mimic how users form mental models of problems, to ensure optimum effectiveness in solving them.

This is distinct from the range of software tools currently on market, which merely track processes and tasks, instead of informing users what those tasks should actually be.

“Our algorithmically guided problem-solving tool is entirely unique in the market,” continued Deodhar. “This is why I believe we stood out to the judging panel at The Australian Business Awards.

“We now look forward to further developing our platform to find new and unique ways to improve the problem-solving abilities of knowledge workers across Australia and beyond.”

For more information on Open Orbit:

Open Orbit ( is an Expertise Automation technology start-up for business process improvement in enterprises. It is the first and only software to use an algorithm to mentor business process professionals through problem solving, by proactively recommending the most relevant symptoms, causes, and remedies for problems. This can drastically reducing project durations and costs by up to 50%.

Niranjan Deodhar is available for interview. Please contact Hannah Moreno (0452 523 117) to arrange.